Tech Services & Computer Support


Free Consultation / Free Assessment

Personal Computer Support

      • Windows and Linux
      • Viruses, Spyware, Malware; Removal and Prevention
      • Data Recovery / Disaster Recovery
      • Performance; System Cleanup, Enhancements, and Tuning
      • Hardware Upgrades or Repair
      • Loaner Laptop available

Home Networks

      • Audit and Documentation; Let’s break it all down, Consultation
      • Setting up my Home Computer Systems; Router Setup and Configuration
      • IoT (Internet of Things, like Ring and Nest); Setup, Configuration, and Device Separation / Security
      • Training; Basic Computer Knowledge, Computer Usage, and Parental Controls

Small Business

      • Network Installation. Configuration, and Support
      • Router Setup and Configuration
      • Windows or Linux Ubuntu Server Installation and Configuration
      • Business Process Implementation and Support
      • Application Sharing, CRM, Business Intelligence, and more…