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Kelly Coburn

Solution Architect & Drone Operator

Technology Professional

I have a very strong background in Information Technology & business analysis.  This helps me understand requirements and ask the right questions.  As a technology leader, manager, and mentor, I can really help build solutions that make sense. 

Drone Operator

I am a licensed Part 107 pilot.  I am insured and bonded.  I run 2 drones, 1 Mavic Pro, and a Phantom 4 Pro.  I have a number of proven drone services applications, including thermal options for the Mavic drone. You can view the Drone Solutions page for some examples.


On the creative side, I really enjoy photography, painting, and design.  I own a full size camera (D750) and have trained with a number of high caliber photographers.  I understand lighting and have numerous options for internal and external shots.  I’m very comfortable with Photoshop, Lightroom, and always learning more, while trying to keep things simple.


2017 - Current

Gulf Coast Systems


After the lock down from the Pandemic, I focused more on Computer Support and building Websites from home.  I’ve been on the leading edge for most of my career.  I have a passion for Technology, Gaming, and any system architecture.  As a former DBA, I lean on fairly strict security protocols and continuously learn where systems are vulnerable.  As a Solution Architect, I’ve built some fairly extensive systems, from the ground up!


After creating Gulf Coast Systems LLC, I’ve been working with a number of real estate agents to learn the residential and commercial side of life in business.  I’ve completed around 12 residential photo shoots, a number of studio shots, and looking to expand my portfolio into Commercial Real Estate and Property Investment.  I’ve been working on a number of POC’s for different Drone Solution areas, including Agriculture mapping and review, 3D modeling, 2D Ortho maps, Google maps Overlays, Thermal Imaging, and GIS to name a few.

2015 - 2016

Team Lead - Columbia Pipeline Group

Business Intelligence

Responsible for 6 analyst and developers for a high flying Business Intelligence and Analytics group.  We developed dashboards and real-time analytics for one of the largest midstream pipeline companies.

* Everything on this website, was developed and photographed by GCS. All website images, Video, and Audio were taken in-house and edited for publication. If you would like consultation on anything related to Drones, Photography, Web Design, Databases, Analytics, or Security, please ask.


Joel E. Reyes

Professional Services Leader -
Port of Houston Authortity

Kelly has proven his ability in his current position as he has consistently found ways to improve internal and external processes that results in greater efficiency and quality of production.

Lynda Parsons

Universal Weather & Aviation

Kelly’s collaborative, business-oreinted approach, keen mind, and energetic work ethic made him a valuable asset to our team. His experience with business intelligence tools is impressive, and he was able to focus that experience on areas that would provide optimal bottom-line benefit to the company.

Dicky Hall

Drilling Director
Southwestern Energy

Kelly was an excellent and innovative lead within the Business Intelligence team at Southwestern. He provided excellent work and support to the business teams in Southwestern.

Cody Sikes

Director, BI
Blue Cross, Seattle

Kelly came to the table with excellent skills and in-depth knowledge to ensure he met our expectations during the project. He quickly adapted to project demands while ensuring our best interests were in mind. I would hire Kelly again and highly recommend him and his abilities.

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